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Buy Premarin Online To Treat Urinary Tract Infection

About 75% of all urinary tract infections result from sex. When compared to men, women are more susceptible to contract such infections. They experience contracting at least one infection during their lifestyle while some might face recurring infections from regular sex. Doctor visits amounting to approximately 8 millions are reported every year. Bladder infection arising from sex is suffered by 90% women while they contract urinary tract infection in 18 months.


Bladder infections might occur even in those practicing good hygiene. It is during pregnancy that the case tends to rise as well as during intercourse. It could be because of anatomic changes taking place in the ureter, urethra region including that of hormonal milieu.

Urinary tract infections take place arising from intercourse due to penile actions. This, in turn, massages the bacteria derived from your stool while sending it up into the bladder in the urethra. Dry vagina only increases its occurrences. Enhanced bladder infections will be suffered if you not habituated to having sex. It is rather referred to as ‘honeymoon cystitis’ taking place as you have your intercourse for the first time. Natural trauma increase is witnessed in the vaginal tissues, thus increasing occurrences of honeymoon cystitis.

Prevention Tips

The best way to avoid contracting such infections while having intercourse will be to ensure that the vaginal canal is lubricated properly. This helps reduces risk of urinary tract infections. You may use water-based, artificial lubricant in case you fail to produce your own lubrication. Older women may plan to Buy Premarin Online. Using this cream as prescribed can help restore vaginal tissue. Thus, there will be experienced fewer traumas while increasing vaginal lubrication.

Tips to Follow

Just before as well as after having intercourse, it will be wise to void your bladder. After having sex, it will be better to urinate and then consume sufficient amounts of water within thirty minutes. It helps flush away bacteria that might have affected the bladder while engaged in intercourse. Also, wipe front-to-back to ensure bacteria generating from anus and rectum does not enter the urethra region while having sex.

Medical Treatment

If you contract three or more times of this infection in a year associated with sex, then you need to visit your doctor immediately. Seek timely medication can help avoid bladder infections. Generally doctors may recommend trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) or Nitrofurantoin (Marodantin). It should be taken while having sex to prevent bladder infection. One dose will be sufficient to block bladder infection formation. Bacteria are not likely to latch onto the wall of the bladder as they get destroyed by the antibiotic dosage taken.

Is it possible to have intercourse if suffering from urinary tract infection?

Intercourse is possible even on having bladder infection until you feel uncomfortable about it and is already on having antibiotics. Besides following doctor recommendations you should also know Where To Buy Premarin Cream from.



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