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No worries about having money in PayPal “Buy Now, Pay Later” Great news for Australians

I’m saying that Byron and Nikhil Nainan wrote an article in Yahoo Finance in which it is said that Sydney (Reuters) – PayPal Holding INC will bring a big offer to Australians this June, which Later everyone will buy now, will be able to pay later (BNPL).

We also found that the company (BNPL) handled 750$ million transactions in the United States and the United Kingdom at the end of the December quarter with PayPal’s new option.

American company PayPal now plans to offer the offer to more than nine million Australian customers, allowing Australians to pay after four days without any interest or additional taxes.

Why was “Buy Now, Pay Later” introduced and what was needed?

In my opinion, PayPal has introduced this feature so that those who do not have temporary money and have a company PayPal account can take full advantage of this feature and make purchases through the feature.

This will make the company more popular and people who are customers of other companies will shift to PayPal to make money transactions.

What is the PayPal “Buy Now, Pay Later” transaction limit?

“If you qualify, you can buy anything between 30$ to 600$”

What are the “buy now, pay later” terms and conditions?

  • Must be a PayPal account
  • You must be 18 years old
  • Merchant where PayPal is accepted and PayPal allows it
  • You have must read and agree on PayPal loan Terms
  • The country where PayPal has allowed it

Do we use all currencies such as Euro, British Pound (GBP) and Canadian Dollar to buy?

Yes you can buy it because PayPal will automatically convert it to USD with the exchange rate. Read more

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