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Best online doctors service app in India


The normalization of telemedicine is a boon for forward-looking doctors, helping them attract patients and boost revenue. But choosing the right platform is crucial. 

Telemedicine was already gaining traction. Come the pandemic, it’s now the norm. Growing at 16.9% annually, the global telemedicine market would jump to $55.6 billion by 2025 from $25.4 billion presently. The phenomenal growth is driven by expanding population, scarcity of trained medical workers, rising patient awareness, the spread of smartphones and the COVID-19 outbreak.     

If you are a doctor, it’s wise to make the most of telemedicine to generate leads, establish your practice, and increase revenue. The digital landscape is flooded with platforms providing online doctors service, leaving you to figure out which one fits your needs. Here are your best options.      

  1.  Bajaj Finserv Health for Doctors:

It’s not a regular teleconsultation app. Instead, it’s your best bet to get noticed, attract and retain patients, and professionally manage your practice. As a registered doctor at Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor, you are available for patients seeking your specialization via call, chat and video. The app is exploding in popularity, meaning you’ll have plenty of patients to attend to. 

The app packs a punch with a comprehensive range of services, which makes it such a rage. It features a dashboard to help manage your appointments, access weekly and monthly patient stats, and more. The patients’ records, medical background, previous consultations and vitals are also available when needed. Expect accurate, speedier consultations with hot buttons.

If you find repetitive prescription making a task, the auto-suggest medicine tool comes to your rescue. Managing your practice is convenient with assistance from a virtual receptionist. The app empowers you to generate and send digital prescriptions and invoices without breaking a sweat. Feel free to send appointment reminders to patients to make them feel you care. 


  • One of the fastest-growing apps 
  • The most comprehensive range of specialities 
  • Online consultations via call, chat and video 
  • Hot buttons for streamlined consultations
  • An intuitive dashboard 
  • Virtual receptionist 
  • Auto-suggest medicine 
  • Patients appointment reminder 
  • Patient records storage and access 
  • Digital prescriptions and invoice generation   
  • Complete anonymity to data 
  1. Ask Apollo

Ask Apollo is a popular online doctors service app with 1000 plus doctors available for over 80 specialities. Like the Bajaj Finserv Health app, it allows for 24/7 teleconsultations with a promise of complete anonymity. The apps’ USP is a free follow-up, allowing patients to consult the doctor at zero cost within seven days of the initial consultation. That means significant savings for the patient.  

Appointment scheduling and fulfilment are quick and straightforward for the patient, thanks to the apps’ user-friendly interface. Besides teleconsultations, diagnostic services are readily available, and so are tips for healthy living. Patient reports and prescriptions can be shared digitally. As the name indicates, Ask Apollo is an initiative of Apollo Hospitals, the top healthcare chain in India.  


  • Online consultations via audio and email
  • Extensive specializations 
  • Security and privacy 
  • Diagnostic services 
  • Free follow up
  1. 1mg online consultation

It’s a growing e-healthcare platform with over 22 specialities, close to 3000 daily consultations, and presence in 1800 plus cities India-wide. The teleconsultations are secure, confidential, cost-effective and available round the clock. The patient can delete the chat anytime if he feels like it. Consultations for less-urgent queries are free, while serious ones cost upwards of INR 50. Quicker response from certified practitioners to paid consult is guaranteed.             


  • Secure and private online consultations 
  • Medications fulfilment 
  • Easy to use 
  • Wide reach 
  • Cost-effective  
  1. Practo

Practo is suitable for patients seeking online doctor’s service across 58 cities nationally. The app offers a barrage of services under one roof for patients. This includes teleconsultations, medication delivery, diagnostics, doorstep sample collections, healthcare plans, healthy living tips, and more. Free follow up through chats are also provided. From location and profile to fee and reviews, doctor’s complete details are provided for informed decisions. 


  • Vast presence 
  • Service galore 
  • Healthcare credit cards 
  • Free follow-ups 
  1. DocsApp

It’s trusted for teleconsultations, lab tests, medicines, and health tips. The app is powered by over 500 practitioners who deliver teleconsultations 24/7 to over 15000 patients daily. The app has a tidy interface to make easy work of booking appointments, accessing info and ordering medicines. The consultation fee is quite affordable, ranging from INR 150 to INR 199. 


  • Decent service portfolio
  • Deluge of patients 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Cost-effective



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