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Which Avon Cycle Model is Best for Children?

Bicycles are important for your child’s athletic growth. They also boost your child’s confidence, and teach them how to navigate parks and roads on their own. Most young boys and girls have their formative childhood experiences and make friends while on their evening cycle rides.

Especially after the pandemic, the fresh air and exercise involved in cycling is both an excellent investment into your child’s health, and an eco-friendly way of keeping them entertained. 

Unlike traditional cycles, children’s bikes come in different styles and models that are specifically designed for them. Starting on a regular cycle could be hazardous for young kids, so it is best that you invest in a children cycle for their learning and early growth years. Avon cycle is a popular name, and is the go-to option for a large section of the consumer base. However, what can pose a challenge is identifying the best Avon cycle for your child.

When looking for a new bicycle model, you need to make sure that you measure the inseam of your child and compare that with the frame height. You can then choose a model based on the child’s height and the height of the wheels. A cycle is of the right height for a child when they can put their feet down comfortably. Also, Avon recommends a 40% weight difference in children’s bicycles for the most comfortable experience. Depending on your child’s strength and size, it is always better to go for a lighter model to prevent injuries. 

When considering a new model, you can check the variations of wheel size, suspension and brake mechanisms. Different models have different combinations, and these are designed for a range of users. We have compiled a list of the best Avon cycles for children, and you can choose the ideal model depending on your preference and requirements.

For Children of 2-4 years or 30-39 inches height

Avon ORKID –

This Avon cycle is one of the best models for young riders. The 14-inch wheel height is ideal for small children, and it comes with training wheels and calliper brakes with plastic levers for enhanced safety. In vibrant neon green and orange colours, it is going to be your child’s favourite accessory. The bicycle also comes with a backrest and BMX handles with crash pads that will keep you assured of your child’s safety.


If you are looking for a model with slightly better features, this model comes with wheel sizes of 14-16 inches. The bike has better safety features with front and rear V-brakes, and raised handles for better comfort. It comes in exciting colours including Matt Fluorescent Orange, Matt Neon Green and Limestone Grey that your child will surely love flaunting in front of their friends. 

For children of 5-8 years or 39-48 inches height

SLIM FAT 16T/14 –

This is a relatively high-end model that comes with 14 and 16-inch steel-rimmed wheels. A polyurethane cushion seat and training wheels make this a comfortable children cycle. It has sturdy calliper brakes with a plastic lever for safety, and the cycle comes in exciting and visible fluorescent orange and green colours.


While Avon has a lot of different models in this age category, this particular bike catches your eye because of additional features that your child will love. It comes with a smart foam padded saddle with a sturdy backrest, and a basket in the front to store little knick-knacks. The cycle also has calliper brakes and a 30cm frame, which is coloured in fluorescent red or pink — for those who fancy a smart and chic bicycle for their child.

For children 8-10 years or 24-52 inches height

Avon INSPIRO Dual Suspension –

This model deserves special mention because it is an Avon bicycle that stands out from the crowd. Flaunting a 34cm suspension frame with short-bend handles and calliper brakes, it is for the more confident riders. Even the colour and frame appearance stands out with two colour combinations — Matt Black / Ferrari Red and Light Velvet / Ferrari Red colours. 

Avon NOVIO 20T –

While there are a lot of models to choose from in this age group, this is a relatively modest caliper brake option that is nevertheless sturdy. The 20-inch steel tires and 33 cm frame height make it a good model for this age group, and it is relatively affordable. This cycle comes with a foam padded back seat and a carrier and is available in striking shades of blue, orange, and radiant pink colours. 

For children above the age of 10, or above 52 inches 

VOLT 20T –

This is the best Avon model that is recommended for those who can handle its height. It comes with a 28cm frame and 20-inch wheels with front and rear V-brakes. Most importantly, it has a threadless suspension fork that gives additional support and safety to the most adept and adventurous riders.

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