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Are all the Indian dishes spicy? What is done to make the spice level balanced?

When we hear about the term spicy it means the addition of all the spices into the food. No doubt, all the savory Indian food has a spice level. It is safe to say that there is at least one spice in every dish. SO, the answer to whether Indian dish is spicy or not is ‘YES’

But, that does not mean that you cannot eat it at all. When you visit the Indian Restaurant Sydney you can ask the chef to balance the spiciness, according to your liking.

How chillies are used in Indian food?

Many people think that Indian chilies and spices are not meant to be tasted by anyone, because their taste buds cannot deal with them. But, this is not the case. When you get the food prepared by the best Indian cook you will always notice that the taste is enhanced and the dish is completed with perfection.

Balance of everything

Good Indian food means all the flavors are balanced be it salty, sweet, sour, hot, and bitter. This is what helps the food to get the best texture and there is nothing that is added in excess. Moreover, you can find many Indian dishes which do not contain pepper or chili.

Spices are an important part of many dishes

Like, if we talk about South Indian cuisine, then you will notice that it is all about the spices and chilies are not added. They are seasoned with pepper which gives it a different taste and the desired amount of heat which is needed.

Different types of chilies used in Indian food

There are multiple options and it all comes down to you what you like the most. You can have dry red chilies, red chili powder, fresh green chilies, and much more. Each of them has a different heat and potency. Some of the dishes only rely on chili to make their flavor heavenly.

If you are someone who is not into having too many chilies then you can reduce the amount as per your liking.

Keep in mind even if you reduce the chilies in your dish it is not going to affect the taste at any cost. The chilies, spices, or anything else which is added to the dish is only to make sure that the food tastes better than ever. So, be it Paneer, Rajma, or Butter chicken you can omit the chilies completely. The other spices are still going to make it heavenly.

How to reduce the heat in Indian food?

  • Sometimes, it is possible unknowingly you have added an excessive amount of chilies. Many of the chefs prefer to use coconut milk, in this case, to balance the flavor and heat in that particular dish.
  • Another tip is to add potatoes and let them cook until they are not soft. They are going to absorb the heat.
  • Another great tip is to eat yogurt with the hot curry or dish. You can try this with the kids and yogurt is also good for your health.


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