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All You Need To Know About Bus Accident Compensation Claims

The vast majority of people in the UK choose to travel by bus. There’s no doubt that public transport has gone through significant improvements, in regards to facilities and safety they provide. However, we still see minor and major accidents happening every now and then. If you or someone you know has unfortunately been involved in a bus accident, which happened due to someone else’s mistake, you might have the right to claim compensation.  

When Can You Claim For Bus Accidents?

The public transport system in the country is bound to follow great levels of health and safety standards. The law states that all bus and coach companies owe a duty of care towards all the passengers, along with the pedestrians crossing the roads. Failing to abide by this duty of care can take these companies to court where they will end up paying compensation to the damaged party. The government has also put in place plenty of measures to make sure that everyone using buses remains safe, which is why mishaps and incidents have significantly reduced, but they are yet to be completely finished.  

The state provides provisions to people who experience damages and injuries using buses. All such people have the right to make a claim and get compensated.

Moreover, it must also be noted that the law does not confine these provisions only to people who are utilising the services of these buses or coaches when the accident occurs. In order to be eligible to make a bus accident compensation claim, it’s not necessary to be inside the bus. There are a plethora of instances where bus accident claims include:

  • You were hit by a bus while standing at the bus shelter
  • Bus colliding with your vehicle where you weren’t at fault
  • Driver’s rash driving caused you injuries
  • You pick up injuries while entering or leaving the bus because the driver was too impatient
  • The bus you’re comes in contact with another vehicle.

Irrespective of what happened, if your injuries are a direct result of someone else’s fault, you are most likely eligible to receive the compensation claim. 

Claiming compensation for bus injuries is apparently very simple and straightforward. Sadly, it isn’t this smooth in reality. You can ask people who have gone through a similar procedure to know how bus accident claims are fraught with complications. This is because there are several factors that come into play here. It’s not so easy to prove the other party as completely responsible for the accident. For instance, if your head bumped into another object, it might be because of bad road conditions, and not the driver’s recklessness. Sometimes, you might suffer whiplash when the bus crashed somewhere because the driver tried their best to save a pedestrian who wrongly walked out in front of the bus. 

Making Bus Accident Compensation Claim

If you were ever involved in a bus accident, regardless of how it happened and what happened, you will have to strengthen your case, and in order to do so, you will require strong pieces of evidence. The evidence you can bring forth include:

  • Bus driver’s contact details, registration number, route of the bus, and the date/time of the incident
  • Report the event to the police
  • Make a record of everything that happened as early as possible so that nothing slips from your mind later on
  • Collect contact details of people who were around. This will help you draft a proper witness statement
  • Take photos and tape videos of the entire scene along with your injuries.

The likelihood of your case getting successful mainly depends on how much evidence you have. Moreover, you must ensure you get connected with an experienced solicitor to help you proceed with the intricacies of the case. You can connect with Wallace Legal at any given time, hire our personal injury solicitor to get a free consultation on the matter and remain stress-free throughout the case because our solicitors are experienced professionals who are well-versed in the matters of law.



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