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Algedra Preserving Islamic Traditions In Modern Interior

Despite the uncertain times of the pandemic Algedra group has completed and handed over a number of projects. The latest edition of the portfolio is a luxurious villa for a family in Dubai.

Every time Algedra stun with exclusive designs, and this time is no exception.

The spacious villa has all the attributes of luxury living, such as a swimming pool, home cinema, numerous bedrooms with attached dressing rooms, guest bedrooms, and a dining room overlooking the beautiful landscape. What is unique about it is an interior design that was adopted.

Algedra is known for its staple bespoke designs in which designers masterly blend elements of several styles achieving exclusive looks.

This newly build residence impersonates a modern family lifestyle preserving Islamic traditions.

Inside the villa, each room has its own character and unique detail. The entrance starts with a hallway inspired by the classic style French palaces with their molding ornaments and crystal scone lamps on the walls, leading to the hall where villa interiors unfold dramatically. Striking chandelier hanging through the three floors along the curved stairs over the marble water jet design.

Men majlis furnished with modern style furniture of white color with contrasting elements in a traditional layout with mashrabiya designs. Architectural solution of enlarging windows up to the ceiling ensures that natural light illuminates every corner of the room highlighting details of the decor.

“To emphasize the Middle Eastern heritage, we incorporated traditional Islamic architecture in a subtle way to blend within the modern design” – says Tarek Skaik, who was in charge of the design project. “We embrace the everlasting transformation of design at the same time finding ways to manifest the authenticity of Islamic culture in our designs.”

Ladies majlis designed in a feminine style, with arched window frames that decorated with rich fabric curtains, mirrors, and elegant furniture as well as a presence of Islamic motifs.

Family having kids was another key consideration in design to create a safe and kids’ friendly environment.

Apart from entertaining kids’ room in a fantasy theme, which features starlight ceiling, designers included kids’ protective elements all over the villa for safety at the same time maintaining aesthetics.

Indoor garden in the form of a terrarium, the latest trends of bringing the part of the landscape inside the house, complemented the interior of the residence.

Each room of the villa has a touch of Algedra signature style that is recognizable in a blend of Islamic patterns with classic and modern decor, elaborate details and luxurious materials use.

Team of designers and fit-out division worked closely together to bring ideas to life on given time frame and were satisfied with the final result delivering to the client a family residence fulfilling all the criteria of an elegant, safety, and comfort living in a luxury way.




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