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About GRE test and GRE coaching

GRE is a test conducted for the graduate students who are aspiring to study specialized courses further. GRE means Graduate Record Examination and it is conducted by Education Testing Services. It is a computer-based test that assigns different questions to different candidates. Many students want to go abroad to study a specialized course. So, they should appear for an entrance test conducted for graduate students. This examination is used to measure different skills such as mathematical, verbal and analytical writing of students. The exam also examines their further potential to study further. This examination comprises three sections namely verbal, analytical writing and quantitative aptitude.  The analytical section is integral for scoring higher marks. The students should study awa gre examples before appearing for the examination. 

About the GRE test

This examination consists of three sections namely verbal reasoning, analytical writing and quantitative reasoning.  It is a computer-based test and the students can score maximum 340 in the test. In the quantitative section, they should write two tasks. They should analyze the issue in the first section. In the next section, they should analyze the argument. The students should complete the section in 30 minutes. The next section is the verbal reasoning section. The students should attempt 2 questions and each section comprises 10 questions. This section should be completed in 30 minutes. The students should then appear for the quantitative reasoning section. This section should be completed in 35 minutes. It consists of two sections and the students should attempt 10 questions in each section. 

How to score higher in GRE

To score higher marks in GRE, they should join coaching classes because they should study many difficult concepts. 

Classroom training 

The students should attend 90-hour session and practice several questions and also attend mock tests. The mentors also provide previous years question papers and the students can solve several questions. They can interact with the mentors personally with the mentors and clarify their doubts. 

Live classes

The students can impart 60-hours of live training. They can practice several questions and attend several mock tests also. The students can clarify their academic doubts and interact with the mentors on webinars. 

Online training 

The students can watch some videos sent by the mentors to study some important concepts and solve questions. The students can use several interactive tools online to interact with the mentors online. They prepare exhaustive list of online questions and also conduct tests for the students. The students can learn the examination patterns and learn to solve problems accordingly. The teachers use simplified teaching methodologies to students so they can grasp concepts easily. The students can watch recorded videos of the mentors and learn to solve problems step-by-step. The students can clear their doubts via webinars. They can also learn mock tests and score higher marks in GRE. The students should prepare thoroughly for all the sections and analytical writing is one of the important sections. The mentor provides several awa gre examples so they learn to write powerful essays.  

Private Tutoring

The students can attend full-length tests and practice nearly 3000 questions. The mentors conduct one-to-one tutoring sessions so that they can learn the concepts easily. The mentors also conduct



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