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A Star Unearthed

During summers in Lahore, on July 14, Haider Ali was found clinching the glistening silver medal in the F37/38 long jump. The event was held at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, and indeed it was a big moment not just for Ali but for the entire nation. 

In an Asian Paralympic Committee media release, Ali was found stating that winning has been the most enthralling experience of his life. It was an incredible moment when he witnessed the national green flag flying in the air. Furthermore, hearing everyone applauding and cheering had made everything extremely dream-like.

According to Pakistan sports news, Haider Ali is delighted that his win has introduced para-sport. Therefore, Ali takes eternal pride in his medal as it gave him face and recognition.

Haider’s victory has also left a lasting impression on the country’s youth. Thus, many youngsters of the country now envision themselves treading Haider’s footsteps. 

As a result, thousands of para-athletes started to emerge.

The Record Made By Haider Ali

In Beijing 2008, Ali set a new world record of about 44m jumps with Tunisian Farhat China. The glorious record only missed out a few points on the gold medal.

The Subsequent Wins Of Haider Ali

Eight years after the Paralympic in Beijing, Haider Ali came very close to repeating his feat in Rio. Although he could not reach his target, he successfully won the bronze medal. Ali decided to make a mark in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo and win the gold medal.

Latest entertainment news Pakistan declares Haider Ali to be Pakistan’s celebrity athlete. He is regarded as the first and the only Pakistani para-athlete who has won more than a couple of medals in the Paralympic Games. 

The winning has not just swelled every citizen’s heart with pride. It has also made Ali into a much more confident and mature sportsperson. As a result, Ali is now the role model who seeks to alter the perception of his countrymen regarding para-sport in Pakistan.

What Is Haider Ali’s Next Goal?

Ali still lives the memories of his glorious winning days, and he is sure that his will has hardened over the years. Ali states that he will do everything to earn the gold medal at Tokyo 2020 Games. 

Although pandemic has put the training to an abrupt halt, Ali does not seem to waver. Ali was heard declaring that his eyes are now on the gold medal, and the entirety of his focus is on the men’s F37 discussion of the event.

The reason behind Ali’s unbudgeable confidence stems from the fact that he has always maintained to be the champion of his game. Haider Ali has successfully won silver and gold medals during the Dubai 2019 World Championships and Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games.

Haider Ali believes that after being subjected to pressure in the past tournaments, he has become much more robust than before. According to him, pressure is not something he is nervous about. Instead, it is the element he is looking forward to the experience.

Plus, Haider Ali is in no delusion about the upcoming competition. He confesses that it is going to be much stiffer than ever before. That is because the postponement of Tokyo 2020 has allowed more training time for every para-athlete.

Haider Ali’s Background

Currently, at the age of 35, Haider Ali is seemingly more motivated than any young athlete. He was also born with hemiparesis, but he did not let his condition define him. 

Ali’s major inspiration comes from Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt. Therefore Ali has been recorded multiple times, singing high praises for the Jamaican legend.

Ali heard Usain greatly inspires him as he shattered all the prejudices by making an unbreakable sprint record. According to Haider Ali, Bolt changed the definition of impossible, as despite opening his eyes in an underprivileged neighbourhood, Bolt worked harder than most people. Finally, this hard work paid off.




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