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A Christmas Gift Guide for Your Tech Loving Friends

‘Tis the season for celebrating Christmas and ringing in the New Year! With a few days left for the most awaited holiday of the season, there’s always excitement in the air, coupled with the pressure of getting everybody’s Christmas presents ready in time.

Either you know the perfect gift for your family and friends, something that they have long wanted, or it’s a tough call because you can’t decide on what they’ll like; there’s no in-between. So sometimes picking the right present can be a struggle. Especially if your friend is a tech geek and you don’t speak that language.

Whether or not your friends are tech geeks, there are some tech-related presents anybody would appreciate – especially for those of us who are hitting 30 or above, or just struggling with adulthood. With the advancement of technology comes the introduction of a plethora of smart products. You can easily find so many google smart home devices in the market as is. Smart devices bring about the convenience that we didn’t know we needed in life, especially with how much time has changed things.

So with this festive season upon us, here is a guide to some gifts your tech-loving friends would be thrilled to receive.

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

Retail price $49
This 2nd generation smart speaker by Google is going to be the best present anybody could ever get. A compact, small-sized speaker that delivers a bigger and richer sound than you would have anticipated! Play music from any of your playlists on Spotify or YouTube at a single voice command. That’s right, smart speakers like the Nest Mini take voice commands, so that doesn’t only mean you can play your music on this smart speaker, but take down verbal reminders, send texts, answer calls, have your emails read out to you, and control any other smart devices around your home.

Google Nest Cam
Retail price $179.99
You would think this device is more suited for security purposes, but the Nest Cams are the best smart cameras for you to install indoors as well. They are available in wired and battery-operated variants that means you can place them practically anywhere, and watch the live video feed straight from your smartphones! The camera quality is nothing short of 1080p HD with a 130-degree angle view and night vision. Its two way audio aids communication from both ends of the camera as well. So now you can talk to your pets while you’re at work, or watch whether the housekeeping lady actually did mop the floor like she claims to have done.

Google Nest Doorbell
Retail price $179.99
Any tech lover would love this present for sure! The Nest Doorbell (battery operated) is easy to install and is a very big upgrade from your regular doorbell, here’s why. Boasting a camera with HD quality video and night vision, along with a built-in microphone and speaker, the Nest Doorbell lets you answer your door from anywhere you are, through the Google Home app that is downloadable onto your smartphones and tablets. With set up activity zones you can get instant notifications whenever there’s any movement around the area, along with a 3-hour video history to preview if you want to check out anything you missed.
Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector
Retail price $180
This is probably going to become a date night staple! The Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector is here to make all your sleepovers and date nights so much more fun, with its palm-size and lightweight device that’s easy to carry with you anywhere you go. It features a built-in speaker, and HDMI, USB ports as well as a MicroSD Hookup; and it’s pretty easy to use too, just connect your devices to the mini projector and it starts playing. It works best in dark rooms, with its LED brightness and crystal clear image quality.
Rifle Paper Co. Wireless Charger
Retail price $60
Wireless chargers are pretty useful, and thus make for the perfect gift! Rifle Paper Co. has the prettiest collection of wireless chargers that are compatible with almost all sorts of smartphones as well as Apple Air Pods. It’s perfect for your nightstand, or the office – you never have to worry about your phone running low on battery ever again.
It may seem tough trying to decide on what to get your tech friends for Christmas, more so because tech gadgets tend to be pretty expensive too. But the above mentioned gadgets are not only affordable or reasonably priced let’s say, but very useful and can come in handy even in the long run. So what are you waiting for? This should simplify the search for you, so happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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