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7 Most Unique Places in Belo Horizonte Which Will Amaze You?

Are you looking for a detailed travelogue for Belo Horizonte?

This write-up is about the city of Belo Horizonte that is the capital of Brazil and is the second most populous state. This Belo Horizonte is also known as the garden city. Belo Horizonte is a popular city famous among travelers owning some central beautiful natural setting within the mountains reflecting a cosmopolitan charm.

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Check out the attractive places nestled in the city:

Praça da Liberdade, also known as Freedom Square

Freedom Square is a sizeable park-filled plaza nestled in the heart of the city center and was designed as the center of the state administration and power, near the Palácio do Governo, a Government Building, and the public library. You will adore the brilliant Art Deco style of Palácio Cristo Rio, which was built in the 1940s, and Edificio Niemeyer soaring above the square, a sinuously curved studio flat building. Hop around this place and stroll near the streets, and get relaxed in this pleasant environment.

The stunning São Francisco de Assis and Lagoa da Pampulha

Lagoa Da Pampulha is one of the famous architect works of the renowned artist Oscar Niemeyer standing near the lake in the park-filled near Pampulha. Watch out for the parabolic curves of the church’s roof designed uniquely and are must watchable. The exterior layout is the most gorgeous, covered in azulejo tile panels designed by Cândido Portinari. Have a tour of this church to acquire the design of the building built-in 1969. 

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Palácio das Artes

Palácio das Artes is located on the south-western edge of the municipal park, a spectacular low white building. This stunning building is designed by Oscar Niemeyer housing the Fundação Clóvis Salgado who is one of Latin America’s most inclusive. You wil be amazed to see studios and housing plenty of practice rooms for artists and musicians; it houses several places of interest to tourists.

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Mercado Central- the Central Market

If you are looking for some lively place to visit, then have a tour to Central market, one of the most vibrant and most colorful spots—a trip to this market that offers everything from food to canaries located in 400-odd stalls. You will adore the way vendors give the impression in continuous motion and hawk fruits and vegetables, herbal medicines, cheese, sausages, religious items, candy, drinks, meats, prepared foods, flowers, nuts, household utensils, pets, and handicrafts.

Memorial Minas Gerais Vale

Memorial Minas Gerais Vale is an exhilarating and appealing museum to acquire exhibits about the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Explore this museum and learn about the artifacts displayed by artists across the world. This exciting museum gives insight into the aspects of life and revelations popular in the city. Watch out for the portraits of significant people who speak, compelling their own stories and painting glowing pictures of their time while exploring art, fashion, theater, culture, and history.

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