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7 Common Foods That Strengthen Teeth Enamel

How will you take care of your teeth? By limiting sugary snacks, brushing and flossing two times every day you can take care of your teeth. Other than these you can protect the tooth enamel by taking some food items that are not harmful for your teeth. In our body, a substance that is most mineral rich and hardest is the tooth enamel. However, this substance is not immune to the area that surrounds it. Oral health, diet and nutrition are linked to each other. For chewing the food, healthy teeth are our requirement. So, in order to keep our teeth healthy which type of foods can we chew? Now I am going to describe about 7 common foods that strengthen teeth enamel.

1. Veggies – Do you remember that time when you were a child and for eating the vegetables your mother was reminding you again and again? A lot of calcium and vitamin K are present in broccoli and kale which are green leafy vegetables. Spinach is also very healthy for you. Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants are present in spinach. In order to strengthen your teeth, these play a very important role. For the purpose of your teeth surface’s cleaning, Celery helps a lot. It helps in protecting your enamel as well your teeth. The time for chewing these items can be longer because of their fibrous structure. Because of this, a lot of secretion of saliva in your mouth occurs. It keeps your mouth’s pH level healthy.

2. Strawberries – In order to keep your teeth healthy, a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants are present in strawberries. Malic acid is present in this fruit, because of which it naturally shows the exfoliating effect. It helps in the removal of tartar that is harmful for the enamel and so in teeth whitening it plays a good role. However, rubbing the strawberries on your teeth is not a good idea. Your tooth enamel can get dissolved or harmed if it comes in contact with so much malic acid. Just take it as a dessert or a healthy snack in your diet.

3. Protein from animals – A lot of phosphorus is present in beef and chicken. These foods are rich in proteins. Your tooth enamel will remain healthy if you will consume an essential mineral known as phosphorus. In order to create healthy teeth and bones, pairing of vitamin D and calcium with phosphorus is a good idea. If you are a vegetarian then you can eat tofu for getting these minerals and vitamins. Magnesium, calcium and protein in a very good amount is present in tofu.

4. Water – For cleaning your mouth you can get a lot of help from drinking water. If in between your teeth the debris accumulates then water helps in washing it away. The bacteria that are harmful for your enamel can breed in this debris. So, by drinking water you can avoid all this. A dissolving of enamel can occur because of some harsh foods like lemons, coffee and alcohol because these contain so much acid. You need to put some water in your mouth and then rinse and swish well. Drinking a good amount of water strengthens your immune system. It will help in avoiding the gum disease.

5. Cheese – A calcium that fortifies bone and teeth is present in a good amount in cheese. For stabilizing and repairing enamel, the casein protein is present in milk and cheese which are dairy products. But calcium is not present in high amounts in all products of cheese. In order to check the amount of calcium present in these food items you need to see their label while purchasing these.

6. Wild Salmon – A lot of vitamin D and omega-3s are present in this fatty fish. In order to absorb the calcium, it helps a lot. You can protect and strengthen your teeth with the help of this mineral.

7. Green tea – Several antioxidants for fighting the diseases and bacteria are present in this drink. Sticking of the plaque to the teeth can be avoided with this. For fortifying enamel and preventing tooth decay, fluoride is present in the tea.For all my dental problems I will visit the Best dentist near me.



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