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7 Best CA Firms in India for Indirect Taxes

In the era of globalization, firms have to meet the necessary business regulations established by the government. Among all the regulations, tax regulations are the hardest to meet. Many firms have no trouble with paying direct taxes but face issues with indirect taxes. Indirect taxes may seem complex as they can be passed to another entity. They primarily imposed indirect taxes on manufactures and suppliers. The manufacturers and suppliers then pass the indirect taxes to the customer. Some common examples of indirect taxes are VAT (Value Added Tax), excise tax, customs tax, etc.

If a firm is facing hassles while documenting indirect taxes, it can contact a reliable CA firm in India. It will save you from documenting and filing indirect taxes on time.

Read on to know the top CA firms in India for indirect taxes.

AKM Global

The introduction of GST in India has compiled several indirect taxes into one. However, there are still many indirect taxes imposed by the Indian government and different state governments. AKM Global has tax experts that can manage several indirect taxes like CST, state entry tax, VAT, sales tax, etc. AKM Global has been in the market since 1981 and has clients all around the world.

AKM Global has more than 1000 clients from around 35 countries. Its tax experts have a complete understanding of the current taxation landscape in India. Even if you are operating in multiple states, it can help you with its vast network. AKM Global has offices in around seven major cities of India.


The revenue generated by the professional services network of Deloitte is the largest on the globe. Deloitte has its offices in more than 150 nations. It has world-class tax experts that are aware of the global taxation landscape. If your Indian firm is operating in foreign countries, Deloitte can help in adhering to the tax laws of each country.

Deloitte can help in connecting your taxation processes to technology for better productivity. The tax experts of Deloitte will help in making your business more agile. If a new regulation has been passed in the latest GST council meeting, Deloitte can help you in coping with it immediately.

EY India

Ernst & Young is one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services companies in the world. It has a vast global network and operates in more than 150 nations. EY has helped many start-ups and Fortune 500 companies over the years to meet their goals. EY often indulges in case studies that can be beneficial for businesses. Tax experts of EY will continuously try to improve the taxation culture for your firm.

SS Kothari

SS Kothari has been one of the top CA firms in India for many years. It has an experience of more than 55 years in providing professional services to firms in India. In India, it has around six branch offices and 20 associates to form a PAN India network. It has many tax experts that will guide you at each step. You can document indirect taxes in real-time and never miss the tax filing date. You do not need to hire in-house employees for taxation processes, as SS Kothari will provide you with world-class tax experts.

Lodha & Co.

Lodha & Co. is among the oldest professional services firms in India. Established in 1941, Lodha & Co. has helped many businesses over the years in achieving their taxation goals. They have many corporate and government clients in India and foreign countries.


KPMG has one of the largest worldwide networks. KPMG is spread in more than 145 nations and is known for its taxation services. Besides seeing indirect taxes as a charge on revenue, KPMG will aid in seeing them as a dynamic cost.

BDO International

BDO has member firms in more than 150 nations on the globe. It has more than 60,000 employees around the world who are experienced in providing professional services. You can follow tax regulations easily with the support of BDO International.


By partnering with a CA firm, you will be aware of the latest changes in the tax regulation of India. Not to forget, you can slash in-house costs by partnering with an Indian CA firm. Gain control of your indirect taxes! 




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