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7 Authentic Reasons: Why To Use Social Media as a Realtor

Even a few years back business owners were solely dependent on the traditional form of marketing, like –  print media advertising. Like any other business, the real estate marketing industry is also hit hard by Covid 19. In 2020 Realtors have found social media as a trustworthy business tool. 44% of real estate agents said that they have got customers after posting on social media. 

Guys,  Cold calling, print media advertising, will not give you a high percentage of quality leads which real estate social media marketing is offering.

Want more reasons why you should make your social media presence as a realtor? let’s dive deep into it.

Why do you need to do Real Estate Social Media Marketing as a Realtor?

There could be a hundred possible reasons why you should do social media marketing as a realtor, focus on the best reasons to convince yourself, and start making your professional social media presence. We have listed down a few super solid reasons for you. These are-

  • Social media  platform are free to use
  • Targeted audience 
  • Measure your engagement through social media listening tool
  • Run a paid ads to hit better ROI
  • Create brand awareness
  • Watch your competitor
  • Get better Search engine results

             Let’s go, know about reasons in detail.

  • Social media are free to use

The best thing about social media marketing is that these are free to use, anyone anytime can choose to create a Facebook page on an Instagram account. Realtors can reach home buyers by joining industry-related Facebook groups, collaborating with other brands. Cost-effectiveness is the prime reason to use social media marketing for real estate.

  •   Targeted audience 

You can’t do your business with anybody and everybody. Before jumping into the sea prepare your buyer persona, who are your ideal customers? Where do they hang out? Social media marketing provides you the facility to do business with targeted customers only, so as a realtor you know that you are nurturing your targeted leads and the chances of conversion are high.

  • Measure your Social media  engagement with the social listening tool

You are putting your time and effort to find quality leads, creating a content strategy, to build awareness. But how do you know if you are on the right track or not?

There are plenty of tools available in the market to measure your social media metrics. Consider investing in such tools as Awario, Tweetdeck, Brandwatch.

  • Run a paid advertisement to hit better ROI

Running paid ads is the quickest way to market yourself as a  realtor. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube all platforms provide paid advertising facilities to get quality leads very soon.  Set your customer’s demographics, Socioeconomic status, optimize your marketing campaign in an expert way and will help you to generate better ROI  as a realtor.

  • Create brand awareness: 

As a realtor, you may want to run a  campaign on brand awareness objectives or play with the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content should focus on adding value- post industry news, updates, informative content related to the real estate niche. 20 % of your content can be promotional. Stay authentic to create brand awareness and credibility in the market.

  • Watch your competitor:

To stay at the top of the game it is important to know how your competitors are marketing themself as a realtor on social media?  What strategy are they using? How many fans/ followers they have? So, don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors. Facebook offers a watch later feature. On Instagram, you can follow your competitor to know about their activity.

  • Get better result in Search Engine:

Last but not least social media marketing can help you in SEO. it drives more traffic to your SEO-optimized page. Promoting your content strategically can send a lot of organic traffic to your real estate-based website. Realtors can get Social media engagement and better search engine results with social media marketing.

Wrapping up

If you are a realtor who wants to promote his real estate business in a cost-effective way, embrace social media marketing. Learn ins and outs of social media marketing, know how to market yourself as a realtor in social media. In this digital era, social media marketing is something that you can’t ignore. Every social media channel has its own feature, own algorithm so it will take time to be mastered. You may like to hire a  social media marketing agency to do real estate social media marketing for your business.



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