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6 Top Benefits of Using Electric Cycles

We have run a full circle in terms of automation advancement in the country. While we cannot deny that the progress in terms of high-tech automobile is ongoing, but a larger section of the society has taken the responsible step of using e-bicycles in India for their day-to-day activities like going to office, buying grocery etc. So today, we have a considerable population from the age group of 12-45 years who commute on a bicycle. 

People have now become environmentally responsible and adapted to sustainable living styles and this is the reason why people from all socio-economic backgrounds today opt for pedal cycles or electric cycles. Electric cycles as compared to pedal cycles are more comfortable and also have an enhanced look. These can cost from anything between Rs. 17,000- Rs. 1,00,000 and hence they are an added asset to your life. 

With such high bicycle costs and also high risks while riding an electric cycle, it is important that you have a cycle insurance in place. One of the best Cycle Cover in India is offered by Bajaj Finserv which provides a sum insured of Rs. 25,000 and an accidental cover of Rs. 2,00,000 at an affordable premium of Rs. 899 per annum. Additionally, you can also get a cycle coverage of Rs. 50,000 and Accidental Death Coverage of Rs. 3,00,000 at a premium of Rs. 1499 per annum. The insurance plan will provide you coverage in cases of burglary or theft or if any damage is caused to the cycle as a result of fire, riots or other unforeseen situations. The cover can be availed in any part of the world making it one of the very few insurance providers that offer such vast coverage. 

While we understand that there is a spike in electric cycle trend in the country, let us also understand the reasons of this rise. Electric bicycles are not just comfortable and easy to use but also have several other benefits that have been listed below for you-

  1. Biking Assistance– With electric bicycle’s ‘pedal assist’ you do not need to put in extra strain or effort while riding your bicycle which makes it easier for you to go longer distances without getting tired or exhausted. It reduces the stress on the knees and thighs thereby helping even people of higher age groups in riding safely without causing any distress to their limbs. In fact, cycling with an electric bike can be highly beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
  2. Cost-Effective- Owing to the lower bicycle battery price in India and their capability of running for over 18-50 miles, the rider can go long distances at affordable prices. With petrol prices rising high, it is a huge saving, specially for carrying out your day-to-day activities. Although in several countries cycling has become a lifestyle choice for everyone. 
  3. Health Benefits- This is a well-known fact that cycling can help you lose weight and get in good shape along with strengthening your muscles and providing firmness to the body. Cycling every morning or even in the evenings can help you reduce your body fat and also help you remain in good shape if you are already a gym enthusiast. 
  4. Nature-friendly– Cycles have no smoke emission, does not use any form of non-renewable energy, do not cause noise pollution which make it a nature friendly commute for everyone. With the rising pollution levels in the country, it is an environment friendly step to ride on electric bicycles rather than driving around in your cars or bikes. 

Numerous designs– Unlike earlier times, today there is a wide range of designs available for electric bicycles that are enhanced in their looks and style. This is also one of the primary reasons why no one hesitates to buy a trendy electric bicycle today.



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