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5 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Research shows that 6% of adults in the UK have no natural teeth, and most of them wear dentures. It is a significant number if you think about it. The majority of these people end up losing their teeth because of a lack of dental care. A common mistake that most people make is that they undermine dental problems and their impact. People may live with cavities, crooked teeth and other dental deformities throughout their lives but not take them seriously. We need to understand that these issues need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Dental problems are the results of prolonged carelessness that show up suddenly. They can easily be avoided by taking care of your teeth. People usually have potential tooth problems but cannot identify them. We, at Emerdency, have compiled a list of signs that may indicate the need for dental care. So let us move forward to the list and see it ourselves.

Loose Tooth

The most common sign of needing dental care is a loose tooth. Every human goes through losing and regrowing their teeth in their early years. If you can still feel your teeth wiggling in their roots then it is something that you should look into. Most of these loose teeth are the result of poor oral hygiene and can be solved with proper dental care. A loose tooth is a sign of a tooth injury too, it is not only painful but agonising if not treated properly. The most common loose teeth are caused by sports injuries. Even the slightest impact with force can cause damage to the teeth. So, be careful when you play.

The Intensity

The next indicator is pain. Pain is a natural response to damage and may indicate that there is something wrong. If you experience pain when you eat or drink something then you should look into it. If your tooth pain is not severe, then, a few sessions with your emergency dentist might help you out. Complex cases may require you to keep visiting for longer periods. The faster you consult a professional dentist, the quicker you can relieve yourself of the pain.

Gum Ache And Bleeding

If you experience bleeding and pain from your gums when you brush your teeth or eat something then it is time to get treated. Gums are the most common warning light that you should keep in mind when you think about your oral hygiene. Weak gums can damage the all-over health of your teeth making it more difficult to get them fixed. Therefore, we suggest visiting a dentist as soon as you find your gums acting out. If you do not take off these early signs that it might get impossible to save your teeth beyond one point.


Another sign of poor oral health is swelling. Swelling and inflammation occur when the blood vessels or the internals of the teeth are not healthy. This swelling can also be found in jaws, which could indicate bacteria in the salivary glands. The bacteria causes blockage in the glands, which swells up the mouth and jaw.

It will not only hurt you but can also permanently impact your life. You will have trouble breaking down without your saliva. It can further cause indigestion and other food-related problems. Thus, we suggest paying attention to your salivary glands as much as your teeth. So, consult with an emergency dentist as soon as you suspect such symptoms.

An Abscess infection

The Abscess infection generally originates from the roots of the teeth and makes its way all the way up to your teeth. Like most diseases, it is easier to control in the initial stages. However, if these infections get out of hand, it becomes difficult to get a hold of them. Symptoms of an abscessed tooth include anything from fever, a foul taste in your mouth, pus, to swollen glands. So, keep an out for these things for early identification.

In conclusion to this discussion, we know that dental problems are no joke. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Bradford, contact Emerdency. 



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