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5 Reasons to Consider a Master’s in Public Health

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A master’s in public health promises a great career path like it has for many professionals in the health industry. However, research by statnews reveals that in 2020 there was a deficit of 250,000 health workers. This is despite local health departments employing around 162,000 people. So, if you aren’t sure whether a master’s in public health is right for you, here are five reasons why it’s a good idea.

Guaranteed job security

Public health degree holders are needed in every sector, and their importance continues to grow, which means the unemployment rate remains low. By taking an online masters public health degree, you will have the knowledge and experience to guarantee a job in the industry. Also, public health is a wide field that prepares you to join a variety of careers. For instance, you can become a biostatistician, healthcare administrator, or work in the nonprofit sector.  

You will make a change

As a public health expert, you will be a problem solver and will be routinely expected to find solutions for your community. You have the opportunity to develop programs, identify

health risks, and start the process of solving them. In addition, you will look at and interact with your community, take statistical data and use it to make decisions for its good. 

You will help others

Like most people, you probably entered the field so you could help others. You get the benefits of making a lasting impression on people’s lives and improving societies since you will directly work with people and the community. You can find satisfaction as an educator, patient, navigator where you will work directly with people. If you’re an introvert, you might be best suited as a statistician or program designer. Either way, you will be working to help people solve problems which brings job satisfaction for most public health workers.

Easy entry to the medical work 

 Most medical-related careers need you to take at least four to six years as an undergrad to get in. a doctor or dentist or instance will take four years, while most hospitals are favoring nurses with a master’s degree. If you have an online master’s public health degree, you can easily complete your training without disrupting your life. In fact, some universities offer these courses fully online so you can keep working while you study. Public health doesn’t mean you will perform surgeries or give diagnoses, but you can join the action by working as a hospital administrator. 

Qualify for research opportunities 

Research opportunities are available from time to time, and with a public health master’s degree, you easily qualify for research opportunities. For instance, you look at how particular issues affect the community and manage a health threat at a specific level. This gives you a say in what needs to change to enable positive health outcomes for individuals and communities alike. 

A master’s in public health also positions you to take on a job abroad and allow you to do some good in the world.

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