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5 Maintenance Essential Every Car Owner Living in Desert Environment Should Know

Regardless of how many benefits livings in a warm and dry climate might have, it has one major setback i.e., additional vehicle maintenance. Residents of desertic areas such as the Middle East or the Wild West know the struggle, they have to put up with to keep their ride in running condition. Therefore, whether you drive one of the used cars in UAE or a brand-new one, this article is all you need.

Today we’re going to discuss some important maintenance tips that’ll help you in properly caring for your car. Continue reading to make use of these maintenance tips.

Keep a Check on Your Battery

As the temperature in a desert environment can be extremely high, it can be fatal for your car’s battery. Heat can cause battery failure by evaporating the fluids and severely damaging the battery’s interior, making it useless. Therefore, it is important that you check the battery of your car regularly. Also, check its fluid levels and ensure the caps are tight. If you find that the battery has low fluid levels, refill it using distilled water immediately.

Select the Right Type of Oil

Timely changing your engine oil and choosing the right oil that is suitable for your car is crucial to make it work properly. When you live in a desertic climate, you should choose motor oils that have higher viscosity as they’ll keep your engine lubricated for long. It’s always a better idea to ask your maintenance expert which type of oil is more suitable for your car.

Regularly Check Air Filters

This one’s important. As the desert environment has more dirt so your filter will clog faster. So, you should frequently check the air filters of your car to ensure they aren’t clogged.

Maintain Your Car’s Cooling System

The car’s cooling system is responsible for maintaining the optimum temperature of the vehicle. The extreme weather conditions of the desert combined with the engine’s heat can push the cooling system to its capacity. This is why it is important to always check the condition of your car’s cooling system.

Likewise, you should always check the levels of coolant fluids in your car. You must know that proper coolant levels are essential for driving in dry and hot climates.  

Examine Your Tyres

People living in dry and warm desert conditions can use all-season tyres or summer tyres. However, the fact remains the same. They should be checked regularly. 

To do this, carefully examine your tyres and look for any signs of tread wear. Also check the air pressure of the tyres. Experts recommend that whenever you’re going on a long journey, you should check your tyre pressure every time you get your tank filled. The warmer climate makes the tyres lose air faster than normal temperature conditions.

These are some convenient vehicle maintenance tips that will keep your car in the best possible shape. So, when you list your vehicle as one of the used cars for sale in Dubai, you can get a good price for it.



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