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5 gift ideas for the wedding of your colleague

Giving gifts can be difficult for most people, especially if you don’t know someone too well. And this applies to your colleagues. If you know them well and you are sort of friends, then it may not be too hard. But if they are just your colleague and you spend each day working together, you may not truly know their likes and dislikes. And for those of you who are clueless about things to give, here is a quick list that you can depend on.

Luggage set

Luggage sets are so helpful when you are travelling as a family. It doesn’t have just a one time use and can be used for multiple trips. Plus, if they have the same design or print, then they can be easily recognized as a part of a set. Your colleague may be travelling soon after the wedding because of a honeymoon too and what better than a luggage set to take. They could have a couple’s suitcase set and it would be so easy to recognize on a luggage belt.


Who doesn’t love appliances? Everyone does! There is always something, some appliances that one may need. And in a marriage, two people are starting a new home, so getting them an appliance as a gift can be so useful. Maybe they would need a new vacuum cleaner because they are getting a larger house or a Keurig coffee maker now that they have the space. Humidifiers, coolers, ice cream makers, etc. And if it is hard to pick one, look at the couple’s wedding registry if they have one or gift a voucher from an appliance store so they pick what they need.

Precious items

Now, if you and a few other colleagues are pooling in money, you can gift something more expensive. Lab grown diamond rings for the couple can be a good option if a few people want to contribute and get something worthwhile. It is always better to buy something that matters jointly and then gift that. Apart from jewellery, you can also give other premium items that cost a lot. They will surely love the diamonds though! 

Home voucher

There are multiple stores which sell everything. Home furnishings, crockery, clothing, grooming products, everything under one roof. Now if you really aren’t sure what to give, but do want to present something, try a prepaid voucher. That way the new couple can pick whatever they want to. Even online shopping vouchers can be extremely convenient.

Gourmet items

Gourmet items and subscriptions make cool gifts as well. Gourmet food items aren’t that common and can be found in speciality stores. So, if you are aware that the colleague is interested in cooking or sampling world cuisines, go ahead and gift a gourmet food hamper. These days wine and cheese subscriptions are also easily available and you can set them up for a year with great wine and cheese for their consumption. Now whether you gift Hatton garden lab grown diamonds or a simple coffee maker, as long as it’s useful for the couple, your gift will be loved.



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