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5 Effective Time Management Tips for Leaders

Spending more hours at the company does not mean being more productive. Therefore, improving time management at work is essential. Planning plays an important role in making the most of your time, and not just necessarily following a routine, but making smarter decisions and knowing when is the right time to perform one task or another.

Let’s take a look at which 5 steps you can follow to improve time management at work:

Know the importance of time:

Time management is among the most important competencies today. Any professional who wants to be employable today must place great emphasis on learning and developing the ability to manage time and deadlines to be productive in the organization.

For this, it is essential to understand what this concept consists of, to delve into its characteristics in order to know the multitude of advantages it can bring.

A crucial element is knowing how to differentiate between urgent and important, aspects that will help to separate between what should be done immediately and those other things that should be postponed or delegated. Sam Mizrahi, Toronto-based entrepreneur with 25 years of excellence experience started off the project for Canada’s largest skyscraper ‘The One‘ in 2016. The building is supposed to be completed by 2022.

Also, and as a consequence of wanting to improve time management, one must delve into a concept as important as personal productivity and how it can help turn individuals into true leaders of our time.

Identify Difficulties in Time Management:

Once you have studied the importance of time and have analyzed its different characteristics, it is your turn to identify the main difficulties that can be encountered when managing it.

To do this, it will be necessary to delve into the habits that lead to poor time management, identifying both internal and external causes, highlighting the main time thieves that must be worked with daily to end with some keys that can be of great interest. Bill Gates‘ personal experience can turn out to be a better example of this.

Understand the Major Laws of Time:

A series of laws and principles have been developed that help to understand more fully everything related to time management. Although there are many, it is important to understand the main laws or principles of time management that have the greatest impact. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, wakes up at 3:45 am in the morning, goes through his email, and hits the gym at 5 am sharp.

Know what methodology to put into practice:

After completing the first three steps, it is time to work within the framework of methodologies that can be put into practice to successfully complete the goal of learning to improve time management.

From this moment on, you should focus on knowing in depth what the different time management methodologies consist of and how they can be applied on a day-to-day basis. Of the many that exist.

Plan and properly implement the assigned tasks:

The professional environment is one of the areas of life where time management has the greatest impact. Productivity as a professional depends, in many cases, on the ability that is developed to learn to properly manage each of the tasks and functions that are entrusted.

When carrying out tasks, there are digital tools that help and accompany you, allowing you to optimize time in order to focus on what truly adds value.

Managing time properly and using all the tools available allows you to control stressful situations and their negative consequences for the proper development of work. It is important to identify the potential situations that generate work stress, in this way to be in a position to take the appropriate steps to combat it and thus gain quality of life.



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