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3 Top Church Architects Company in Dallas, TX

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Church architecture is an art form that has been practiced for centuries. There are many different styles of churches, and each one is unique in its way. If you’re looking to build a new church or renovations, it’s crucial to find the right company to help you with your project. Construction companies have designed and built churches to accommodate these activities using multipurpose church building plans. The designs of some of these churches are so breathtaking and astounding that they have won awards just for the way they are built. Here are three top church architects companies in Dallas, TX. Read on and make your choice!

Cunningham Architects 

Cunningham Architects has been around for over 40 years. They have completed more than 50 projects that blended with their surroundings. A perfect example of their unique project is the Cathedral of Hope Interfaith Peace Chapel in Dallas, Tx. Cunningham Architects have also made their mark with their multipurpose church building plans in Dallas, TX. Their unique projects have helped them win many awards, including the Texas Society of Architects O’Neil Ford Medal in 2019 and AIA’s Design Award in 2018. They have also gained recognition from reputable magazines and publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Curbed, Texas Architecture, etc.


GFF was founded in 1982. And they are known for their knack for creating catchy and significant buildings in Dallas, TX. One honorable mention is the Chase Oaks Church, TX. This 36,000 square foot building that houses a worship center and an education building won the 2016 WFX Solomon Award due to its flexibility. In addition, GFF has won numerous awards and gained recognition from many publications and groups. They include the Texas Society of Architects’ Architecture Firm Award in 2019 and the Solomon Award for Woodcreek Church, Texas in 2019. GFF is also affiliated with the AIA, the USGBC, etc.

The Beck Group 

This construction company was founded in 1912. The Beck Group is an award-winning company that has built church buildings all over Asia and America. With their distinctive approach to construction, it’s no surprise they have created projects that can be described as innovative and astounding. One of these projects is the First Baptist Church, Odessa. This 55,000 square foot building showcases an open design that connects the 1,500 seater building to the existing ones. The Beck Group has won numerous awards, including the Faith and Form Award for Religious Structure in 2016 and the AIA Dallas Award in 2019. It also won the best-managed company in the USA in 2021.

Final Thoughts

Choosing construction companies with multipurpose church building plans in Dallas, TX, can be a monumental task. But you can trust the three companies highlighted above to deliver the kind of project you want. First, however, you should check each builder’s license, get multiple bids, and speak to clients they have worked with to ensure that you can work with them.



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